How to blow up a website

What is an Art Roadie?  It is the person that cares for the grunt work for the Artist.  That could include but is not limited to, pack for art shows, transportation, setup and take-down, promoter and in my case, the now infamous “Web Guy”, recently demoted.

What caused my web demotion you ask?  It’s a long story, well not that long, so settle in and let me regale my tale to you.

( I just read a debate about whether to allow comments on a blog.  It was thought provoking.  I’ve decided to invite comments on this blog.  As soon as I figure out how to do it safely.   More to come…)

Okay, back to website demolition.  There are many ways to sabotage a website, but this one has a few unique angles.

Back in the Jurassic period of web-slinging, I got a hold of a copy of software from Microsoft called FrontPage. That was roughly 2002.  It was known as a “WYSIWYG”.  The letters stand for “What You See Is What You Get”, not kidding.  Well it worked for my purposes, that is it was simple enough for me to use without taking an HTML course.

The beginning of my demise started in 2006 when Microsoft discontinued the product.  A few years after that my webhost, GoDaddy, informed me that Microsoft was no longer “supporting” FrontPage and that none of the new servers being manufactured would support the special programming that FrontPage needed to function.

I was then told that I would have to move over to a new server eventually and use different web making software.  This caused me to panic at the time, but the folks at GoDaddy assured me that the servers that my site resided on would be running for a long time.

Looking back, I should have kept a certain level of adrenaline going on this, but instead I spread it around to other aspects of life.  In the interim I bought books on HTML, then XHTML.  Then another batch of letters, CSS, became all the rage followed by versions 2 & 3.  Not to be left behind, XHTML changed it’s mind and went back to it’s maiden name and added a number, now known as HTML5.  Every time I bought a book to study, I was already learning old technology.

Enter 2016.  I finally became determined to make the transition.  Realizing that I would never make it as a programmer, I began a search for software that wasn’t going to be in danger of being discontinued.  After researching the subject, WordPress rose to the top of the list.

Armed with this decision and backed with resolve to see it through, I called GoDaddy to discuss transitioning from FrontPage to WordPress.  They were very helpful.  I set up a new account to begin a new phase in my web building career using WordPress.

I wanted to keep both accounts active so I could keep the old FrontPage site up while the WordPress site was under construction.   Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding and the FrontPage account was allowed to expire.  When I called GoDaddy back, I got the bad news that all those old servers were being phased out and no accounts were being added back on them.

“Can the site be recovered?” I asked.  “Yes”, they said but it was going to cost a chunk of change and the best news of all…  it wouldn’t do any good as the servers couldn’t run it anyway.

And that is one way to blow up a website.  I recommend finding another technique that takes something less than 14 years to complete.