Jacaranda – The leaves of this bonsai tree sculpture are vintage glass that are 2-toned with metallic golden-green color on one side and a maroon/wine coloring on the other. The rest of the foliage is Alexandrite leaves, Czech glass flowers and light cherry colored seed beads. The trunk is gold colored enameled copper wire. The tree is planted in Monterrey Sea Sand painted with light-fast acrylic. It is set into a wooden sake masu.

It took a while to find out what the box was. It came for an estate sale of a woman who made several trips to Japan to study live bonsai trees. As it turns out, it is called a ‘masu’. A sake cup is placed in the masu and then filled until the cup is overflowing into the masu. Wikipedia and other sources say that the overflowing sake represents hospitality and prosperity. That sounds nice!

Wire Sculpture of a Jacaranda tree.

Jacaranda – Bonsai Wire Sculpture

Close up of Jacaranda

Close view of Jacaranda branches and foliage

Close of base and ground cover

Close of base and ground cover