Wire Sculpture Bonsai

These wire sculpture bonsai are unique, one of a kind creations.  Each tree gets its start as a continuous coil of wire.  During the process each tree takes on its own special characteristics  that make it different from any other tree I make.  The moss and other ground cover is done with light-fast acrylic paints, so they will not fade in the sun.




Cherry Tree in Bloom – Bonsai Wire Sculpture

This is a Jacaranda Tree Sculpture – Leaves are vintage glass that are two-toned with metallic golden-green color on one side and maroon-wine coloring on the other side.  The rest of the foliage is Alexandrite colored Czech glass flowers and light cherry colored seed beads.  The trunk is gold colored enameled copper wire.  This tree is planted in Monterey sea sand colored with light-fast acrylic, all in a Japanese sake box.

After I had made this tree, I found out that this box is called a “masu” and sake is traditionally served in them.

This Jacaranda sculpture weighs 1 lb and is 8 inches tall by 9 inches across.



Wire Sculpture of lemon tree, yellow lemons, green leaves and foliage
Wire Sculpture Lemon Tree


This is a very happy miniature lemon bonsai tree has over 100 glass lemons, 150 glass leaves and several hundred green glass seed beads to make up the foliage. In total, there are over 1000
pieces of glass individually woven into the wire branches.  The container that the lemon tree is planted in is vintage carved monkey wood.

I call it Happiness because it is bright, cheery and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

This sculpture is 2 lbs, is 10 inches high and 8 inches across.



Magnolia in Bloom

Wire bonsai sculpture of a magnolia tree
Magnolia Wire Sculpture Bonsai


Magnolia In Bloom – The blooms are vintage pearlized glass blossoms.  The leaves are Czech green glass. With this sculpture I used enameled copper wire. This tree is resting on a stone.

This magnolia tree is set into a vintage light green porcelain pot.



Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Tree in Bloom - Bonsai Wire Sculpture
Cherry Tree in Bloom – Bonsai Wire Sculpture


Cherry Tree in Blossom – Rose Quartz and vintage pink and white Czech Glass along with pink glass seed beads.  The trunk is steel floral wire set into sea sand inside a hand-turned wood bowl.  The sand is topped with smooth river stone and light-fast acrylics.