Original Oils

Oregon Sunset

Sunset with yellows and burnt oranges fading into gray violets and evergreens in the foreground.
Oregon Sunset – Original Oil on Canvas


Fun in the Sun

Yellow Volkswagen in field with blue flowers planted in the the front compartment and wild flowers
VW Flower Planter and wild flowers – Original Oil on Canvas


Cholame Pass

Rolling hills with wild flowers, light and dark greens, reds and blues. Light blue sky with wispy clouds.
Mountain Pass – Original Oil on Canvas


Morning Mist

Morning scene of small mountain cabin set in evergreens and dark mountain peaks, morning mist and breaking yellow sky.
Mountain Cabin – Original Oil on Canvas


Autumn Path

Oil painting of an autumn scene, a path through trees with red, orange and yellow hues, and a light blue sky with white clouds
Autumn Path – Original Oil on Canvas,

On a lovely autumn day,
Under my steps do the leaves play
As I look up to the sky,
Clouds drift slowly by.
Do I walk the path alone,
Or does another walk me home?
The end of the path, I do not see,
But when it ends, there I’ll be.
E. Parmenter