I am a “Multi-Media Artist”, which means I have many areas of interest! Here are the main categories that my current interests fall under. The title of the group or the image will link you to that area.

Original Oils

Original Oil of an Oregon sunset
Original Oil of an Oregon sunset

My current artistic passion are my paintings. All the paintings here are originals. They are oil on canvas, using a wet-on-wet technique.

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Wire Sculpture Bonsai

pink toned foliage on gold floral wire in a Japanese tea box.
Jacaranda – Wire Bonsai Tree Sculpture

Another area I am fascinated by is wire sculpture. Each one is unique. The nature of the wire and the bits of stone, shell and glass cause each one to take on a “life” of its own.

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Wearable Art

Each piece is conceived, designed and created by me. Below you see 2 categories of my artisan jewelry, pendants and necklace/earring ensembles.

I hope you see something you can’t live without!

Wire Sculpture Pendants

Chalcedony rose in the shape of a woman's bust
Lady Rose – Chalcedony rose set with druzy in 14k gold fill.

Individually selected stones are enveloped in 14k gold fill, sterling silver and copper wire using an ancient technique.

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Artisan Jewelry Sets

Red glass hearts on annealed steel wire.
Red glass hearts on annealed steel wire.

The artisan necklace and earring ensembles are made individually by hand.

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